The odor elimination from the Wastewater sludge

Envirola would like to share exciting news about completed environmental project. There are lots of stored, including the daily produced sludge from the Wastewater management plant, the company “Aukstaitijos Vandenys” Ltd. The issue is not only the utilization of the sludge itself but also the problematic waste odors.

The project was executed together with the Kaunas University of Technology, the Panevezys College, and the Panevezys Mechatronics Center. Envirola collected the sludge samples from the Wastewater treatment plant and tested with the range of available commercial solutions, both chemicals, and biologicals. Also, a theoretical study was performed. The most suitable solution was offered to the Wastewater treatment plant. This study was supported by EU funds, also the Panevezys city municipality. All project partners were interested in the positive project outcome, as the clean environment, and fresh air is of every citizen’s interest. Envirola is further expanding on this project, by involving the EU partners, to provide sustainable and green solutions for the Wastewater treatment.