Advisory Board Members

Dr. Kestutis Vilutis

Vilutis official

Dr. Kestutis Vilutis has experience in patents, scientific publications, and company formation. Dr. Kestutis Vilutis has promoted many scientific discoveries to the practical application. He started and expanded company business, serving as CEO. One of example is JSC “Biocentras” in Lithuania/ EU, the company actively developing solutions for the environmental cleanups. The operations range from far Russia to EU and other countries worldwide. Dr. Kestutis Vilutis is actively participating in building the vision of EU environment by innovations and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Rimantas Kodzius


Dr. Rimantas Kodzius has international experience living and working in 12 countries (Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Singapore, China, and Saudi Arabia). He has been working with famous institutions such as Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Germany, RIKEN in Japan and currently, at KAUST, CBRC in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Rimantas Kodzius published in numerous scientific journals, such as “Science”, “Nature Genetics”, “Nature Methods” and others. At KAUST he developed and patented methods related to the environmental sensors. Besides the science and entrepreneurship, Dr. Rimantas Kodzius is serving as editor, reviewer and an expert for various projects.

More about Dr. Rimantas Kodzius scientific activity can be found in Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=zYgOH8cAAAAJ&hl=en